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Controllx can control your devices anywhere in the world via your mobile phone, whether the receiver, television or even the fan. It works on operating systems. The device works in 24 languages ​​and allows unlimited number of users. It is also easy to use and simple and does not take more than 3 minutes for IOS and Andrewoid installation.

1-Now you can set a schedule for your device's working hours during weekends and weekdays. 

2-With commands you can reduce power loss by shutting down your devices every 3 hours, for example. 

3-You can also adjust prayer times, sunrise and sunset times. 

4-Room temperature can be adjusted.

5-Helps to save food from damage both in restaurants and kitchens.

6-Provides the highest security through the use of the protocol that used in banking and military sites.

7-SuperCloud is unlimited and you can execute commands at standard speed.

8-Controllex has the highest international standards of American, European and Saudi Arabia.

9-There is no need to use electric charging batteries.

10-The warranty is two years from the date of purchase and the terms and conditions apply.

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