HDL System-Wireless Sensor

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Wireless Ultrasonic&PIR sensor, it includes LUX sensor, UV switch. It can satisfy different requirements according to different logics.


  • Support 1CH 5A relay output
  • Check the real-time status
  • Bulit-in PIR sensor, Lux sensor, Ultrasonic sensor, Button, UV switch, logic. total in 8 input logic conditions logic block.
  • Adjustable infrared sensitivity, sensitivity range:1-100
  • Adjustable ultrasonic sensitivity, sensitivity range: 1-100
  • With 24 logic blocks, each logic block has 8 inputs and 20 outputs commands
  • Target types: scene, sequence, universal switch, single channel lighting control, broadcast scene, broadcast channel, GPRS control, Panel control, Z-Audio control
  • With two logic relationships: OR, AND
  • Security function.

-Electrical Parameters:

  • Working voltage:  85-265VAC
  • Current:  4.2mA/220VAC
  • Relay output:  5A
  • Brightness detection range:  0~300LUX
  • PIR detection range (Radius):  3.5m (Installation height:2.4m)
  • Ultrasonic detection range (Radius) :3m (Installation height;2.4m)
  • Wireless transmit power:  +10dbm
  • Wireless receive sensitivity:  -90dbm
  • Indoor communication distance:  <=30m
  • RSSI receive signal intensity:  >-80dbm

-Wireless central frequency:

  • (China) WPAN  780-786MHz
  • (Europe) SRD  864-870MHz
  • (North America) ISM  904-928MHz
  • Default channel  780 MHz
  • Default password  HDL-SecurityKey0

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