HDL System-User Interface (DLP)

  • 899 SR
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User interface switch is a new generation of display panel, the fascia can be completely customized and the energy efficient display is capable of presenting 147 languages. The module features a standard EU sized backing plate, and 5 buttons.

-Technical & Features Specs:-

  • Adjustable LCD Backlit and LED indicator.
  • Specified page for Floor Heating, HVAC, Music.
  • Icon for Key Buttons can be customized by users.
  • Button combination and Double Button combination function available.
  • Button mutual exclusion available.
  • Upgrading online from HDL Buspro is available.
  • Built-in IR receiver, need to replace a plate with an IR receiving hole to enable the IR remote control function.
  • Multi Key Mode: Invalid, Single on-off, single on, single off, Combination on-off, combination on, combination off, double click/single on-off, double click/combination on-off, momentary, clock, short/long press, short press/long momentary press, hyperlink.
  • Multi Key control Mode: Scene, Sequence, timer switch, universal switch, single channel on-off, broadcast scene, broadcast channel, curtain, GPRS Control, Panel Control, alarm control, music play, General control.
  • Functions including the following: option IR Receiver, Lock, Turn on/off AC, Cooling & heating for AC, Auto temperature setting, Fan Speed regulating, AC Mode setting, AC Temperature regulating, backlight adjusting, AC Lock, Backlight and status indicator light setting,
  • floor heating temperature and mode setting etc.
  • Electrical Parameters:
  • -BUS power supply: 24VDC
  • -Buspro power consumption(From HDL-MPPI.48): 30mA/DC24V